Why shelterUS Now?


ShelterUS houses are true monocoque construction, with all stresses distributed by the structural diaphragm. Exactly as in modern aircraft construction.

Traditional stud, lintel and sheathing construction must utilize hurricane straps and other add-on devices to resist wind and earthquake, and has no resistance to fire or flood. When detached from their foundations, such rectangular configurations deform into parallelograms and fail at the joints. SIMPLE construction does not depend on such joinery or additional bracing devices.

Construction of a SIM panel home in Virginia
Note the scaffolding supported by a SIM panel


Other prefabricated houses cannot be readily disassembled, expanded or relocated as conditions demand. ShelterUS components can be assembled and disassembled in minutes with hand tools. If changes in door or window locations are wished, openings in SIM panels can be moved with skill saw. Wiring and plumbing can be run anywhere a hot-wire can reach.


Utilizing a unique hinging-system, ShelterUs components can be flat-packed in trailer, helicopter, transport plane, shipping container or box, and even be parachuted to remote sites. These hinges also serve as conduit for electrical wiring, permitting foundations to be free of electrical services. Wiring drops, from above, to all outlets at floor or counter top, as desired. Each four foot by eight foot SIM panel weighs only fifty pounds and can be easily maneuvered by women and older children. An entire SIMPLE chassis of roof and two walls weighs only 250 pounds.


The Primary Assembly of four SIM panels creates a roof and two walls and is called a ShelterUS Chassis. One chassis is attached to another by a patent-pending connecting system that can endure the most catastrophic of destructive events, natural or man made. The width of each Assembly can be varied as can roof pitches to meet the aesthetic preferences of the Home Designer. The length of each Assembly is determined by the number of attached Assemblies. Such Assemblies may then be Teed to one another or lifted to a second story on addtional SIMPLE assemblies. Such configurations can be raised up to three stories, before supplementary structural supporting is required.


Roof panels may be delivered with attached solar collectors, which join with central power grids and sell back excess power to utilities. To insure no heat-bridges that compromise energy-efficiency and thermal-integrity, all walls are solid from floor to ridge and consequently provide no space for fire or vermin to run, and create a steel lattice negating the need for any add-on bracing. ShelterUS chassis resist forces, not by rigidity, but by flexibility, depending on the joining system to hold the components in place as they move and then return to original positions. By utilizing an optional stayed-spaceframe foundation, ShelterUS houses can even float temporarily in flood conditions.

Thermal imaging of conventional construction shows significant heat loss
Thermal imaging of SIM panel construction shows little heat loss


ShelterUS not only supplies the component parts to its houses, but can adapt your plans to our SIMPLE technology. We also maintain a running-account and catalog of all houses designed over the years utilizing SIM panels, and make them available to you. Whether your need is for a townhouse, rancher, traditional two-story or office building ShelterUS can address your program needs.

Construction of a SIM panel home in Virginia
Completed home, clad in fiber cement siding